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Welcome to the Enano documentation project.

This is an ongoing project to provide high-quality and complete end-user and developer documentation for Enano CMS.

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Update July 28, 2009: API documentation published

Update July 5, 2009: Failed. Back to the drawing board (and login-only editing).

Update June 7, 2009: The wiki has been upgraded to Enano 1.1.6, so we now have the ability to require a CAPTCHA during anonymous edits. I'm going to try this for now and we if we don't get any edit spam.

Update February 11, 2008: Recently we've seen an insurgence of vandalism on this site. I've already banned 12 IP addresses for spam and vandalism. This is not something that we will tolerate. From this point onward, you need to create an account to be allowed to edit pages.

Update December 23, 2007: Thanks to Vadi, we found and fixed an ACL bug that prevented people from creating pages on this wiki. Sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused. Currently we are requiring registration before wiki features will be enabled.

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