About the plugin

Newsboy is a plugin that adds a portal and news manager to your site. While simple in nature, a portal can be an invaluable tool that keeps users up to date with what's going on in your site's world. It is created and maintained by Dan Fuhry.

Getting Newsboy

You can find instructions on how to get and install Newsboy at the Enano website.

Adding news items

In your administration panel, select Newsboy portal and Manage news items. Then, for every new announcement, simpy click on Create new entry and fill in the fields appropriatlely. To manually control where the "Read more" link is placed within your article, use this special HTML comment: <!--BREAK-->.

Configuring your news page

By default, all newsboy items will be on the News:Portal page (ie., If you want to add some text before the news item listing, you can do so by clicking Edit announcement at the bottom.