Q: What's the best way to get Enano up and running?

Q: The default theme looks bad. How do I change it?

Q: The encrypted logon feature isn't working right. Help!

Q: How do I hide buttons like Create a Page, Log In and User Page from my users? I don't want to use wiki features!

Q: How do I get a news page like the Enano homepage?

Q: Will Enano run on my Solaris/Mac/Hurd/BeOS server?

Q: Are there any back doors or outstanding licensing issues?

Q: What security features are present in Enano? What is done if a vulnerability is discovered?

Q: I'm trying to upgrade Enano 1.0.x to Enano 1.2 and it failed with the creation of the lockout table.

Q: My question isn't listed here.

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