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Section 6.2 - Installing a plug-in

Installing a plugin on your server is typically a very simple process. The procedure will usually involve uploading a couple of files and enabling the plugin from your administration panel.

1. Extract and upload the plugin

Most plugins will be delivered to you as a ZIP or tar.gz archive. Use an archiving utility to decompress the downloaded file. Look at the extracted files. If you see a folder named "plugins", then you'll need to upload each of the folders extracted from the ZIP file individually. All plugin files (they have a .php extension) should be placed in Enano's plugins/ directory. Sometimes the plugin archive will have more than one file. All plugin archive files will be designed to be "overlayed" onto an Enano installation. This means that they can be extracted directory into an Enano installation directory and all relevant files will be created.

You should make sure that plugin archives do not replace Enano core files or create any additional files in the includes/ folder. If a plugin does this, it could be malicious.

2. Enable the plugin

Once your plugin is uploaded, go to General → Manage Plugins in the administration panel. All available plugins for your site will be displayed in the list. You can enable or disable a plugin by clicking the respective link on the right side of the list.

System plugins

Several plugins are included with Enano. All special pages that come with Enano are created and managed using plugins. Even the administration panel itself is a plugin! The plugins included with Enano are called system plugins. They cannot be enabled or disabled, but if the files are deleted, Enano will not try to load them.

Disabling a plugin that breaks your site

If a plugin breaks Enano to the point where you cannot access the administration panel to disable it, just delete or rename the PHP file in plugins/ that you enabled. Enano will automatically skip over that plugin.

Getting support

If your site behaves in an erratic way, please disable all plugins before asking the Enano team for support.

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