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Section 6.1 - How plug-ins work

One of the best ways to add new features to your site is using plugins. An Enano plugin is a special PHP file or series of PHP files that add some sort of functionality to your site. There are plugins for just about everything that a default Enano installation doesn't include - you can add a portal, blog, or photo gallery to your site, or gain the ability to add custom links to your sidebar. We're even working on a forum plugin.

Plugins work by asking Enano to run custom code at certain points in the Enano core (called hooks). The custom code will often further parse or modify Enano's variables.

Because plugins can run any code they want to on your server, you should exercise caution when using them. Don't install a plugin from an untrusted source, or it could allow your site to be compromised.

The Enano team does not provide any support for plugins. If you encounter a problem with a plugin, please contact that plugin's developer. If a plugin was developed by the Enano team, only limited support will be provided.

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