Section 4.3 - Grouping pages for easier management

Page groups are a great way to manage only one or two ACL rules that affect a broad spectrum of pages on your site. With page groups, you can assign one ACL rule to any number of pages. This feature was introduced in Enano 1.0.1, "Loch Ness."

Creating a new page group

Administrators can make a new page group by going to Content → Manage Page Groups in the administration panel. Click Create New Group and enter a new name for your group. Then decide how you want to specify pages in your group.

First off, you can have a static list of pages. This list is defined only in the administration interface and thus allows only administrators to add or remove pages from the group. Specify the full page URL strings (including the namespace) in the text boxes. Click the button with the "+" on it to add another box. A static list of pages can always be edited later.

Second, you can link a page group to a category. Any page that is in that category will be considered to be in the group. Beware that if you have Wiki Mode enabled, you must protect the category or users will still be able to add and remove pages from it freely.

Third, you can cause any page with a certain tag to fall into the page group. Users are completely prevented from adding or removing the tag unless they have permission to edit access control lists (set to Disallow by default).

Lastly, you can use a Perl-compatible regular expression that will be matched against both the "dirty" page URL string (including possibly malicious HTML characters) and the sanitized version. This option is recommended only for programmers that fully understand regular expressions - most users won't ever need to use this group type. Don't forget the starting and ending delimiter and any flags you might need to use!

Editing a page group

Every group can be edited, with each group type having its own dedicated editor interface. To edit a page group, go to Manage Page Groups and click the Edit button in the row of the group you want to edit. When you're done making your changes, click Save.

Adding an ACL rule for a page group

To add an ACL rule that controls a page group, select A Group of Pages in the ACL editor, and then select the group you want. After clicking next, you can edit permissions as usual.

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