Section 3.3 - Building a fancy portal

Enano provides a number of tools that you can use to build a full web portal, complete with site news, full block support, and a search form. Every site's needs are different, so building a portal will require some work on your part.

Tips for making a good portal

1. Use a fixed-width theme

The default theme included with most Enano distributions, Oxygen, is variable-width. This means that the main body will expand as required to fit the user's browser window. Portals often have several images near the top that need to fill the entire width of the content area. (The Microsoft® homepage is a good example of a portal.1) Some of the fixed-width themes available for Enano include St. Patty (included with a default distribution), Connections, and Springy (currently in development).

2. Install the Newsboy plugin

Newsboy2 adds a page called News:Portal to your site that is designed around having a static announcement at the top of the page, 5 news articles below the static content, and an archive page so users can view older articles. Newsboy is used for the official Enano homepage.

3. Use "raw" image embedding

Enano versions 1.0 and later allow the use of the "raw" parameter when you embed images. You can combine internal or external links with the "raw" flag of the image. This allows you to effectively make a link out of an image. Use this technique along with tables to control alignment can make for a very professional-looking portal.

1 The Enano project is neither endorsed by nor affiliated with Microsoft Corporation or any of its subsidiaries or partner organizations, in any way.
2 As a plugin, Newsboy is not officially supported in any way by the Enano team.

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