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Section 3.1 - Linking to other pages

Because Enano is a wiki engine, its central focus is managing pages. So what's a wiki if you can't link to other pages?

Whenever you're editing a page, editing a sidebar block, editing your site's copyright notice, or posting a comment, you can make links to other Enano pages. These are called internal links.

You can make an internal link using the format [[Page name]]. By default, the text shown inside the link is the title of the page that is linked to, or an auto-generated title if the page doesn't exist yet. You can change the text using a pipe character (|) inside the link: [[Special:TagCloud|View tags used on this site]].

The Project namespace also has a special reserved prefix that can be used in internal links because the actual prefix is different on every site. You can link to a project page using the shortcut Project:(page ID). The "Project:" prefix will be automatically converted to the correct prefix for the current site.

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