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Section 2.7 - Revision history and diffs

A standard feature often found in wiki software is the ability to revert to past versions of pages. If a page gets spammed or inappropriate content gets added to it, you can roll back the edit(s) to the last good version.

Restoring an older version of a page

Any page that has been edited more than once can be restored. Old versions of a page can be viewed and restored from the History button on the toolbar. To revert to an old version of a page, click "Revert to this revision" in the row containing the revision you want to restore.

Some other actions, like renaming or protecting a page, can also be reverted by moderators. By default, Enano won't allow non-moderators to revert pages. If a page is protected, non-moderators can't revert any changes to a page.

Administrators also have the ability to undelete pages, restore previous versions of an uploaded file, and clear the history for a page. If a page is deleted and the decision is later reversed, a page can be undeleted. Furthermore, if file history is enabled, previous versions of a file are stored and uploads of new versions can be rolled back. Finally, if a change is made to a page that cannot be kept in history, or if a page is spam or offensive and needs to be permanently deleted, an administrator can delete the page and then flush the logs. Clearing, or flushing, the logs for a page removes all past revisions and actions from the database, and, if the page exists, the process will make an automatic backup copy of the page.

Viewing differences between revisions

You can view the differences between revisions using the radio buttons on the left side of the table in the history window. Select two buttons, and click Compare selected revisions. A table showing the differences will pop up.

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