Section 2.6 - Comments on articles and pages

One of the features that has been in Enano the longest is its ability to let users post their thoughts on most pages. Enano's comment system is a state-of-the-art AJAX-based framework, the first of its kind.

Enabling comments

Comments can be enabled under General → General Configuration in the administration panel. This only changes the global setting - comments can still be disabled on a per-page basis.

To disable comments for a certain page:

  1. Open up the page you want to disable comments for
  2. Hover over More Options, and click Administrative Options in the menu that pops up
  3. Enter your password if you're prompted
  4. Uncheck "Enable comments for this page"
  5. Click Save Changes

Preventing spam

Enano's comment system is secure by default because it uses a different API (JSON-based) than most other systems. If you need additional protection against spam, you can enable a visual confirmation image (CAPTCHA) for guest posting. To do this, open your administration panel, navigate to General Configuration, and under Comment System, set Guest comment posting allowed to "Require visual confirmation." Click Save Changes at the bottom of the screen.

You can also require that comments be individually approved by an administrator using the checkbox labeled "Require approval before article comments can be shown" in General Configuration. This is generally a good solution for smaller sites; large sites will probably want to leave this off to save moderation work. Presently there is no way to mass-approve comments, but you can approve many comments at once easily because of the AJAX-based comment interface.

Denying comment privileges to specific users

You can always control whether users can post comments or not using access control rules. See Section 4.1 for instructions on manipulating Access Control Lists.

Moderating comments

Approving and unapproving comments

Comments can be set to either Approved or Unapproved. If a comment is approved, anyone can see it. If it's unapproved, only moderators and administrators can see it. If you get a considerable amount of spam, using comment approval is usually the best way to combat it.

Approve or unapprove a comment by clicking the appropriate button below the text of the comment. If a page has unapproved comments on it, the number will be shown in the Discussion tab.

Editing comments

If a comment needs to be edited, moderators and the original poster can do it by default.

Posting comments

You can post a comment by clicking the discussion tab on a page and clicking Leave a Comment at the bottom. Users are allowed to embed restricted HTML and wikitext into their comments. Some smilies are supported as well.