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Section 2.5 - Wiki mode

The biggest feature in Enano is, of course, its hybrid content management features. Enano allows you to switch back and forth between a wiki and static content. This feature is known as Wiki Mode.

You are given the option to globally enable or disable Wiki Mode during Enano's installation. If you choose to enable it, users can create and edit most pages on your site. If not, only administrators have those privileges.

Scope of Wiki Mode settings

Enano has two possible places to control Wiki Mode: on a specific page, or for the whole site. In the administration panel, you can change the global setting under General → General Configuration. You also have the possibility of enabling Wiki Mode only for users that are logged in.

You can change the Wiki Mode setting for a particular page by going to that page, hovering over the More Options menu, and clicking the appropriate button under "page wiki mode." Selecting "global" will cause Enano to simply not use that page's setting, and instead use the global setting.

Additional features on wiki pages

The following features are only available on pages that have Wiki Mode enabled, or if Wiki Mode is turned on globally and the page's individual setting is not set to "off."

Page protection

Enano allows you to protect pages, or lock them down from editing except for administrators. All page protection activity is logged and can reverted by administrators. If you semi-protect a page, only users that have been registered for at least four days are allowed to edit the page. When set to Allow, the ACL permission "even_when_protected" effectively causes protection status to be ignored for any user that the rule controls. You can change page protection status by going to the page you want to protect or unprotect, hovering over the More Options menu, and clicking either "on", "off", or "semi."

Votes for deletion

If a page is created as spam or serves no useful purpose, users can vote to have a page deleted. If a page has votes for deletion, anyone with delete_page privileges (usually only administrators) will see a notice at the top of the page. As with most other features of Enano, administrators can revoke the privilege of voting pages for deletion using ACLs.

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