Section 2.4 - Creating and editing pages

Creating and managing the content on your site was one of the most focused-on processes during Enano's development. We understand that most of the time you, as an administrator, will spend on your site will be spent working on the content and style of pages, and we want to make this as easy as possible for you.

To create a page, just click the Create a Page button under the Tools menu. You'll be taken to a form where you can enter the namespace and URL string for your new page. Once you create the page, you'll be taken to the new page where it will immediately switch to the editor. Edit to your heart's content and click save - you can always make changes later.

Editing a page is just as easy as creating one - if you have the appropriate permissions, there will be a button on the toolbar that says "edit this page." Just click it, make your changes, and click save.

Enano has two editor types: textual and graphical. The graphical editor requires very little code and is best for new users. All of the code the graphical editor generates will be checked by Enano's HTML filter, cleaned, and stored neatly in the database. The textual editor is for users that need a more uniform look for their pages. It uses a simple formatting language very similar to the one used in MediaWiki, the software that Wikipedia runs on. If you have considerable experience editing Wikipedia or any of its sister sites, you should feel right at home with Enano's textual editor. The graphical editor is based on TinyMCE; for details on how to use it, please see the TinyMCE documentation.

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