Section 2.2 - Design principles

Now it's time to log into your site. A default Enano installation will have your user information on the left sidebar. Click "Log In", and you should see a login form fly onto your screen.

Internet Explorer 6 and 7 users will need to press Tab, possibly more than once, to manually focus the username field, and to manually focus the OK button after typing their passwords. This is a limitation of the browser and not something that the Enano developers have been able to fix.

Enter your username, press tab, enter your password, and press Enter. If you entered your information correctly, the page will reload and you should see your username along with an extra button or two on the left sidebar.

To administer your site, click the Administration button under Tools on the left sidebar. You'll see the login box again, this time asking you to re-enter your password. Read more about why Enano requires this.

Once you make it into the blue administration screen, you'll see a tree menu appear on the left and a small light-blue column on the right. The tree menu contains links to every administration applet on your site. Each administration page should be relatively self-explanatory. The column on the right, when clicked, will expand to show you a condensed version of your left and right sidebars.

To protect your site, you should always click "Log out of admin panel" when you're done. This will ask Enano to demote you from your temporary elevated privileges. If you're editing a large page or doing something else that requires considerable time in the administration panel (more than 15 minutes without loading a new page), consider turning on the keep-alive option. This keeps your temporary elevated privilege key active while you work on the page.

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